About Olds High School

February 2018

The second semester is off to a smooth start with students quickly adjusting to their new schedules. As we do not print off report cards, please check PowerSchool to see final marks from the first term for your child. Report Cards can be printed by the OHS office by request.

The Senior Boys and Girls Spartan Classic Basketball tournament was held on the weekend with both teams advancing to the third-place game.  There were great crowds all weekend and many volunteers helped make the event successful.

After reviewing the marks from the first semester, we are pleased with the overall achievement of our students.  We expect that the grade 12 class will do very well on diploma exams and the grade 9 students performed well on their achievement exams. 

Thanks for the support you give to OHS.

Tom Christensen


About Olds High School ...

Principal Mr. Tom Christensen
Vice Prinicpal Mr. Kent Lorenz
Vice Principal Ms. Gayleen Roelfsema
School Board Trustee Ms. Trudy James
Student Body Grades 9 - 12 
Student Body Population 545

Olds High School is part of the Community Learning Campus (CLC). The CLC is an innovative approach to high school, post-secondary, and community education. The CLC addresses specific rural needs by sharing resources and working jointly with a variety of community groups and agencies. Currently, we have about 600 students, grades 9 - 12 enrolled at our school.

OHS is embracing a high school experience that provides more schedule flexibility and increased student self-direction in order to better serve 21st Century learners.  The physical design of our facility reflects a non-traditional (non-industrial model) personalized learning environment. Organized around four learning neighbourhoods or ‘Quads;’ core subjects are embraced by interdisciplinary teams of teachers working with a fixed group of students.

Our teaching staff is extensively involved in a variety of professional development activities besides normal conference and workshop involvements.  Our staff has representatives on district committees (e.g. Language Arts, Technology, and Math), diploma and achievement exam markers and test designers; government field tests are administered every year; people working at the provincial level on curriculum projects

Our school programs are expanding to offer more preparation for entry into the work world and to introduce technology career opportunities to our students. Career Preparation, Green Certificates, RAP Plus, and expanded Career transitions are all current projects being offered to students at OHS.

For full details, diploma exam results, programs available and much more please visit our OHS Educational Plan.